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About Nature's Ase`

Natural Soap

At Nature's Ase`, we value the importance of client and merchant communication. Building intimate relationships with our customers allows us the opportunity to better meet your needs. Our products are handmade and can be customized based upon the unique requirements of each individual request. Providing outstanding service and quality products is our top priority!

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Natural Products


Body Butter

Our handmade body butters are made with all natural ingredients. We use high quality shea butter, sea moss, coconut oil & goats milk in our products. This plethora of moisturizers and healing agents allows our products the capability of aiding in a multitude of skin restoration needs or to simply be used for your daily skincare routine!

Sea Moss Gel & Smoothies

Our sea moss gel is made from raw sea moss, which is harvested on the island of St. Lucia! Some of our flavors consist of a variety of added vitamins & nutrients to enhance the effectiveness of the gel. We continue to explore our options of creating various gel flavors to satisfy the desires of most sophisticated palates.
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Energy Bracelets & Necklaces

These fashionable yet purposeful bracelets are always a big hit with our customers!  They are designed with specific healing properties in mind. Customization is also available upon request.

Virtual & Live Meditation Classes

You can sign up for one of our live meditation classes or events which best fits your schedule. Click the book online tab in the toolbar above and register for a class today! And on those busy days where you just cannot find the time to attend a class, our recorded sessions are always available on our YouTube channel for viewing at your leisure.

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